The baby health monitor.


Monitor babys breathing and
alerts if baby stops breathing.


Detects your baby’s position,
whether on his back or belly.

Temperature Sensor

Measures body temperature using
medical-grade, infrared technology.

Wetness Detection

Informs you if a diaper needs
changing when used in conjunction
with Perch Smart Diaper Inserts.

Easy Clip

Safe, waterproof, medical-grade plastic is soft
against baby’s skin, and clips smoothly
and ergonomically to any diaper.


Rechargeable battery holds
a two-week charge.

Triple-Layer Absorption

Three layers of dry-touch material keeps your baby comfortable.

Disposable Inserts

Keep your baby clean and dry.

Reliable Detection

Built-in sensor knows when your
baby’s diaper is wet or dry.

Comfortable Fit

Slim design allows the insert to
comfortably fit in most diapers.

Soft Touch

Absorbent material is gentle on
your baby’s skin.

WiFi Hub

Keeps you conencted to your baby
no matter where you are

Night Light

Ease baby's fear of the dark


Alerts if the baby needs your
attention and plays lullabies.

Charging Station

Effortlessly charges the
baby wearable.