The baby health monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The penguin uses sensors to measure body temperature, movement, position, breathing patterns, and diaper wetness.

The base has a microphone, speaker to recharge the wearable.

Not at all! Simply place the diaper inserts in the diaper, and then attach the Penguin to the diaper. Download the app, and you are all set.

Perch egg measures your baby's breathing, body position, and temperature. It can also sense if your baby has soiled the diaper.

The dock can be used to wirelessly charge the egg. It can has two-way audio communication, and play lullabies for your baby.

You can place your Perch base anywhere in the room, or attach it to the wall or crib.

The egg has a magnetic clip you can use to easily slide the wearable onto the front of the diaper.

You need a WiFi connection for the dock, and Bluetooth Low Energy on your smartphone.

Perch is powered via a micro-USB connection.

The inserts have adhesive tape on one side, which you can use to affix to the diaper.

The mobile app automatically scans, finds, and connects to the Penguin.

Just slip it onto the base, and it will automatically recharge.

Any smartphone with iOS or Android OS will work with Perch.

Yes, you will need a WiFi connection to make full use of all Perch features.

Yes, you can set up as many smartphones as you need, to receive notifications or display video/audio.

Yes, you can use Perch app with as many babies as you want.

You can configure Perch to send push notifications, play tones, or vibrate your phone as events happen.

Perch Baby Monitors will be available for purchase in 2016. You can pre-order them at a discounted price shortly.

You can order a new set of Perch Smart Diaper Inserts on our website, or subscribe for a monthly supply.

No. The Perch Penguin uses Bluetooth Low Energy which emits radiation much smaller than that of a cellphone. The base uses WiFi already present in your home environment.

We have worked hard to design the egg in a way that is completely safe, and as comfortable as possible for your baby.

Perch is made of non-toxic, waterproof, and flexible material. It is completely safe for all skin conditions.

Yes, the Penguin is waterproof, and can be washed as often as you want.

The Penguin's battery will last for a week, and it can be wirelessly recharged in less than an hour when you toss it on the base.

Completely. All data is encrypted, and completely secure.

This product does not require FDA approval.

No. Perch is designed in compliance with choking-hazard safety measures.

Of course! Perch comes with a 12-month warranty.